Urban Tatoo - Bologna (Italy)

URBAN TATOO. La città ti parla.

By Fotolateras

26-31th january. Artefiera Bologna . Bologna OFF
body bag. Palazzo Bentivoglio. Via delle Moline 1b
40126 Bologna

Like city lovers, we feel our house doesn’t end when we close the door, the house extends its arms through the streets and avenues, districts or why not the rest of the city.

When we travel we make lanscapes  part of ourselves. Until that moment unknown lanscapes that talk to us and for a moment let us be part of them.

This wild territory, humanized by society and on the other hand, made wild again by us, is the modern city where we live.
The city recieves our messages and sends out its own. Using symbols, signs, neons, graffity, engraved stones, the city warns us about danger, it keeps us organizad and even indoctrinates us.
But like the old friend she is, she shows us her seriously wounded skin when people are suffering, opening her arms and giving her soul to the people so they can express themselves, protest, claim and send out their wishes.

The walls of a city are its skin. When you write on it you are tatooing it, you are marking it and in someway you are making it yours.

We are Lola Barcia Albacar and Marinela Forcadell Breva, also know us Fotolateras.
Passionate pinhole photographers. We travel with our cameras, made from tins, tinning the World.

In a seren and calm way we take images of lively and bussy cities. Our technique enables us to see a new city as a new friend that wants to comunicate with us using signs.

For this reason we feel atracted by her messages: posters, signs, graffiti, neons, flags, banners,… all of them memory banks, some of them strong and durable, others so ephemeral and changing. Only photography can manage to retain the memory.

With this exhibition we don’t only show a phisical journey but also a jouney through time. Starting with the engraved stones of Pompey and Compostela through to New York graffities, trying as a result to show how cities comunicate with us and dont’t fall into obscurity.

Lola Barcia Albacar
Marinela Forcadell Breva