Entrevistadas por Film's not Dead de Londres

El pasado mes de octubre conocimos a Tori y Charlie de Film's not Dead en Londres.
In october we met Tori and Charlie from Film's not Dead in London.

Nos han hecho esta maravillosa entrevista. Esperamos que os guste.
They have done us this wonderful interview. Hope you like it.

Algunos fragmentos de la entrevista.

A few weeks ago, while on the Brick Lane, Backyard Market we bumped into Fotolateras, two brilliant women, Marinela Forcadell and Lola Barcia, who have been travelling to a wide number of different countries such as Berlin, Paris, Valencia, Rome, to document the life there using only an array of handmade tin pinhole cameras, as well as developing the paper negatives they produce in their hotel rooms while on their travels. So far they have been to over at least 30 different locations and it is still growing! 

 Their ethos is that: ‘We do not shoot photographs, we ‘cook’ photographs.’ 

‘From our first cooked image from a tin, our madness about our work and the practise throughout these years, have helped us to be an artistic and technical team which work in the same direction. We obviously know what a digital camera is, the huge amount of storage that a memory card can have, the chances of the light, focus, the finishing touch, the very first moment of the last technique. But, even knowing all these things, we love cooking each image choosing the correct background, taking our time developing them. In a few words, we really enjoy spoiling each image we take, like spoiling a baby.’